Preparing kids with Autism for life through VR experiences

Expand your toolbox

Scenarios that can't be replicated indoors can be practiced in VR

Enhance therapeutic alliance

Develop a strong relationship with the learner through play

Gain Crucial Insights

Behavioral indicators and physiological measurements enhance moderator assessments

Conduct remote therapy

Sessions can be managed at any place,
 at any time

Digitize your processes

Learning curves, IEP goal tracking, and professional assessments become digital

Engage the whole class

Manage group sessions in a virtual world


We use Virtual reality to create exercises and experiences that help practice life skills in a fun and nurturing way 

Task management

Verbal & non-verbal


Behavior regulation

Activities of daily living

Bring the outside world indoors

Practice exposure and skill training in multiple immersive environments with full control over stimuli type and intensity

Going shopping

A visit to the doctor

Outdoor orientation & crossing the street


Run assessments, track progress, and share insights,

all using the Simulars Controller app

Progress Tracking

Behavioural & Physiological measurements

Immersive & adatptive environments

Personalized Curriculum

See the world through the child’s  eyes

Track progress throughout sessions


We're up and running

Used in schools

The Simulars platform is being
piloted in four different schools for
special education

+ 100 children

Have already gone through the
Simulars platform virtual

Designed by professional
with community involvement

Objectives, working methodologies
and content are determined by
experts, parents, and children

Research involvement

We have taken measures towards
becoming evidence-based, starting
with examining the experience of a
child with ASD in a virtual world

The Team

We are a group of game developers and tech enthusiasts and we strongly believe that elements borrowed from the world of gaming can have a widespread impact on the fields of education, skill acquisition, and care.

Omer Hadar

Chief Executive Officer

Sean Cohen

Chief Operating Officer

Ido Orenshtein

Chief Technology Officer

Doron Friedman, PhD

Head of the Advanced Reality Lab
IDC Herzliya

Technology Advisor

Ofer Golan, PhD

Head of the Autism Research Lab
Bar-Ilan University

Clinical Advisor


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Ramat Gan, Israel

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